Aquaponics Bell Siphons – The Complete Guide

Aquaponics Bell Siphons - The Complete Guide

Hi folks. This video covers how bell siphons work, how a time tested version can be made (with a few alternative versions) & a load of troubleshooting tips for those who are having issues with their own siphons.
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Hope you enjoy this Complete Bell Siphon Guide & your gardens are booming.
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0:00 Introduction
0:39 Components
1:16 How They Work
3:03 Measuring Siphon Height
3:47 Siphon Shroud
6:33 Siphon Standpipe
11:10 Siphon Bell
14:03 Siphon Position in Bed
14:38 Siphon Installation
17:53 Flood & Drain Cycle Times
18.36 Siphon Wont Start
19:43 Straight Drain Issues
20:20 Siphon Initiation Tips
21:27 Bell Cap Issues
22:02 Flow Rate Issues
22:37 Siphon Wont Stop
23.39 Bad Drain Angle
24:04 Long Thin Drains Fixes
24:55 Floating Bells
26:50 Snorkel Bell for Siphon
28:28 Headspace Inside Bell
29:16 Working on Installed Siphon
30:00 Siphon Noise Reduction

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