Koo’s Carrot flower.. Up close & personal..

Koo's Carrot flower.. Up close & personal..

Koo’s carrot in the front yard started to form a flower spike a few weeks ago, it really impressed us all..
It has developed a bit further from there so thought I’d do a bit of an update to show you all how it’s going..

– Queen Anne’s lace will cross with carrots so it can pose a bit of a problem if you have it growing near by..

– It’s a good idea to have a 1km/½ mile between varieties if they are open pollinated..

– Inbreeding depression can be an issue with carrots so it’s a good idea to have 20+ going to seed at once to give the seed collected good genetic diversity..

We will be growing from the seeds of this plant but only for one generation to see what happens..

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