Air pruning Root Pouch Wicking Gardens. Sowing carrot seeds, planting slips & some spuds.

Air pruning Root Pouch Wicking Gardens. Sowing carrot seeds, planting slips & some spuds.

Have set up a few different air pruning Root Pouch gardens over the past couple of weeks & thought I’d bring you all along for a bit of a look. They have been turned into wicking gardens using some basic reservoirs to keep the soil & plants well hydrated.
Have sown out some carrot seed in 2, planted out some sweet potato slips using a slightly different method in a large pouch & am trying spuds in a few as well.

1:08 Back stairs garden
2:15 Planting out sweet potato
4:58 Sowing carrot seed
12:58 Root pouch potato patch
14:52 Bathtub garden
18:00 Root pouch wicking barrel
22:00 Very noisy birds 😉

Pouches used in the clip are
30L/7gal pouches – potatoes, carrots, duck potatoes & chillies
95L/25gal pouches – sweet potato & cucumbers
10gal/39L pouches – bananas
3.8L/1gal pouch – galangal
30gal/113L pouch – dwarf lemon wicking barrel

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You can find further information on how Root Pouches are made & air pruning capabilities►

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Have a great one everyone.

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