Backyard Farm & Aquaponics Spring Tour Oct 2016 – Solarizing Pest & a Few Changes

Backyard Farm & Aquaponics Spring Tour Oct 2016 - Solarizing Pest & a Few Changes

G’Day folks. Time for a bit of a Backyard Farm aquaponic tour to show you how the Spring patch is coming along. Included a quick look at how I’m solarizing some pest & a few of the changes that have been made to the layout. Also included an update on how the new Root Pouch gardens are going & a small mishap I had removing a tree branch.

To enter the competition you need to send an email to with the word ”Beetroot” in the subject line.
You then need to give me an estimated weight of the beetroot in either pounds (lb) or grams (g) in the body section of the email.

The weight of the beetroot will be based on root only with as many leaves removed as possible. In the event that there is some rot in the root the draw will go on, I just won’t be able to make as much fermented beetroot. 😕

The winner will be emailed 1 x $25 US gift card they can use to purchase good from the Root & Ramble website.

Entries close 6pm Brisbane Australian time 9th November 2016. 👍

Good luck to those that have entered the competition.
Hope you’re all well & your gardens are booming,

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