Grow Your Own Food – Aquaponic & Backyard Farm Salad Greens Harvest

Grow Your Own Food - Aquaponic & Backyard Farm Salad Greens Harvest

Grow Your Own Food – Aquaponic & Backyard Farm Salad Greens Harvest
Hi Folks. Join me as I take a quick wander through the patch to feed the fish and pick some salad greens for dinner. At the moment the aquaponics is providing us with the bulk of our salads which we’ve been picking almost daily for meals.
Also included B’s first taste of our home raised Silver perch at the end.

Hope you enjoyed the clip & your gardens are all booming.
Cheers all,

Greens mentioned in clip,
Kang Kong, AKA Water spinach, Chinese water spinach
Ipomoea aquatica

Brazilian spinach AKA
Samba Lettuce, Sissoo Spinach
Alternanthera sissoo

Mushroom plant
Rungia klossii

Hogan Noc
Pseuderanthemum Palatiferum

Egyptian spinach AKA Salad Mallow
Corchorus olitorius

Roselle AKA Sorrel
Hibiscus sabdariffa

Celtuce AKA Chinese lettuce
Lactuca sativa var. augustana

Chinese Amaranth AKA Chinese spinach
Amaranthus dubius (?)

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