How to RECYCLE and REVITALIZE Potting Soil – Plus Overwintering Gingers

How to RECYCLE and REVITALIZE Potting Soil - Plus Overwintering Gingers

How to Recycle and Revitalize Potting Soil – Plus Overwintering Gingers
Hi Folks. In today’s clip I share with you how I’ve been recycling & revitalising the potting mix I use in our Root Pouch container gardens. Buying new potting mix every season can be quite expensive so I hope this clip will give you a few ideas on how you can save yourself some coin.
Have also included a look at how I’m overwintering the gingers I re-potted so they can get a head start on their next growing season.

Don’t forget to check out Patrick’s clip as I’m sure you’ll pick up some helpful tips from him as well.

Hope you enjoyed the clip & your gardens are booming.
Cheers all,

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