Italian & Australian native bee hives in the same tree.

Italian & Australian native bee hives in the same tree.

Attended a Permaculture course at a local community centre took a bit of film of 2 ”wild” honey bee hives while I was there. One is an Italian hive & the other an Australian native (Tetragonula carbonaria I think) hive. These bees have set up separate hives in the same camphor laurel tree & appear to be getting along fine from what we could see.

A mate who has been keeping bees for years was also at the course & ran though a few of the things we observed with the Italian bees & their hive, Thanks Luke 🙂

The Australian native hive entrance is a lot more inconspicuous but luckily enough I have seen a native hive being split before & have included a quick look at the internal architecture of the hive.

After talking to Luke we’ve decided to include a spot in our redesigned yard to house a hive of honey bees, thanks mate. Am still interested in including an Australian native hive if the opportunity arises & have a spot already picked out for them.

For those interested, the Introduction to Permaculture course was put on by Savour Soil Permaculture. Was a excellent course put on by a great team, thanks Michael & Megan.

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