Potato harvest (of sorts) form the Backyard Farm, January 2015..

Potato harvest (of sorts) form the Backyard Farm, January 2015..

Time for a look at how some of the potato bags went.. This time round I tried using the partially buried bag method to see how it would go.. If you’ve seen some of my earlier potato reveal clips you won’t be very surprised at all 😀
I did have a full clip planned but lost all the footage when the computer crashed in December I’m sorry to say :-/

Dan’s ”How to grow Potato” playlist is a must watch to see how this method can work for folks with much greener fingers than myself 😉

Check out some of Brendan’s potato reveal clips to see how well he’s mastered the bag technique for growing spuds,

Rob’s ”No Dig garden bed for Potatoes” clip,

Rob’s ”Potato harvest, No Dig method” clip,

Home grown harvests & tucker playlist,

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