Self watering container / barrel, with added ideas & pointers ;)

Self watering container / barrel, with added ideas & pointers ;)

Have been growing in wicking beds/barrels for about 4 years & have been most impressed with the small amount of water they use as well as their ability to pump out the veggies.. Thought it was time to post an updated clip showing a few improvements & additions that have been made over the past few years to the wicking barrel design..

The one thing I have left out of this clip & hope to cover in another is the use of compost worms & the benefits they bring to a wicking system like this.. This clip is long enough methinks 😉

Harvest clip for the sweet potatoes planted in this barrel,

Below are some clips & links that you might find useful if you are interested in having a go at making up your own wicking barrel, garden bed or container..

Scarecrows Garden blog was the first place I saw wicking beds & fell for them straight away due to our climate & our desire to conserve water.. Thanks Scarecrow 🙂
Unfortunately Scarecrow has now made this blog Private, sorry folks.

Colin Austin’s Wicking bed web site..

JT’s Wicking Bed Project on the Backyard Aquaponics forum.. Love the water cells JT has made up for his beds..

Chris’s first Wicking bed clip with soil/gravel wicking comparison has been deleted. 😕

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