Tomato Mites, Virus in the Potatoes & a quick Yacon question..

Tomato Mites, Virus in the Potatoes & a quick Yacon question..

Have been treating a mite infestation on our Bulls horn capsicum/peppers over the past few weeks & have noticed that they are also on the tomato plants in the hoop house.. Nothing too serious to worry about as the plants are now responding well to treatment..
The potatoes are another issue as I fear they have a viral infection & may not be salvageable.. No loss really as I now have 2 extra red wriggler worm farms I hadn’t counted on 😉
Many thanks to Dave who put me onto the idea that it could be a virus & Annette McFarlane who suggested a way to find out if it was..

A useful website I found during my search is the Aus Veg site with its ”Key pests of solanaceous vegetables” page..

& the Queensland Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry page on Tomato Russet Mite,

I also used our ”What garden Pest or Disease is that ?” book by Judy McMaugh to help narrow down the culprits..

Neem Insect spray..
40ml Neem oil
10ml insecticidal/pure liquid soap
4L/1gal US water
Add oil & soap to 1L/¼gal warm water & mix well..
(Warm water helps the oil emulsify with the soap)
Add remaining cool water & spray on infected plants..
Works well on aphids too..
Hope that helps some out there that may have similar issues..

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Have a great one everyone…

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