Warm Weather Plants & Give Away Draw Winners

Warm Weather Plants & Give Away Draw Winners

Hi folks. Thought I’d give you all a look at some of the seeds that will be sown out for our warm season crops. It’s going to be fun trying to squeeze them all in so some more beds might just be on the cards 😉
Would also like to congratulate Craig & Steve Porter for winning the 2 x $25 gift vouchers from Root & Ramble 👍 For those that missed out on entering the draw there will be more in the future 😉

You can suss out Root & Rambles quality grow wear here

Seed Suppliers

Forget Me Not Heritage Seeds

Green Harvest

Fair Dinkum Seeds

Rare Vegetable Seed Consortium

The Seed Collection

Boondie Seeds

Eden Seeds

Playlists from the clip

Easy Seeds Saving Guides

How to Build An Aquaponic System

All Things Chickens Feeders & Waterers

Compost, Mulch, Fertilisers & Soils

Self Watering Wicking Gardens

Planting. Sowing & Growing Guides

Home Grown Harvest & Tucker

Compost Worms, Feed & Farms

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